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Medic Assistance International

Medical assistance service company based on the island of Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean

Medical Assistance for Travelers

We are the oldest  established  and independent  medical assistance service provider in Mauritius – and this long experience has  allowed us to build a strong network of professionals and local service providers covering Mauritius  and Seychelles on a 24/7 basis.   

MAI currently provides immediate and professional assistance services to other assistance, insurance companies and embassies all over the world.  We operate a 24/7,365 day medical and health assistance service and we have an on demand mobile doctor service that assists patients in their home, hotels, resorts or places of work in Mauritius and Seychelles.

 Presently we act as local service providers for over 60 assistance and insurance companies worldwide who have been satisfied with our quality of work, expert know how, and caring approach to deal with complex situations that may arise in Mauritius.


Medical Assistance for Travellers

MAI delivers a wide range of routine and emergency health and travel services to visitors and expats in Mauritius. We also are the preferred service provider for most Embassies and diplomatic mission in Mauritius.


Island Doctor

Island Doctor Mauritius is a 24/7 healthcare service for tourists, travellers, expatriates and business travellers. If you have a health problem, simply call +230 5728 7110 and we shall respond.


Medical Tourism Assistance

We assist travellers coming to Mauritius to seek medical interventions- heart conditions, cosmetic procedures, orthopaedic operations, complex eye surgery.

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Medical Cost Containment

If you are an insurance company, underwriter or assistance organisation with business interests in Mauritius. MAI is perfectly geared up to handle your insured cases, claims management and cost containment.


Thanks largely to your efforts my family and I were upgraded to Club Class for the flight home. This made the journey bearable for me, and much pleasanter for my family. My leg has continued to improve and today,Monday, I am able to walk sufficiently well to go to work. I cannot thank you enough for the excellent medical attention I received, but this of course is part of your job,what was much more than your job was the kindness and concern you showed, and the time and effort that you spend with the medical insurance company arranging the flight home thank you again for all your efforts.
Pete Ellis

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