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Mauritius Travel Advice

Medic Assistance International welcomes you to the island of Mauritius for a memorable and safe stay. We may happily aid and assist you during your stay in Mauritius, whether on leisure, travel, business, work or study leave in Mauritius.

We are a medical vacation and holiday companion to the island visitors. Mauritius is a friendly country and has been welcoming travellers for many generations. It is a beautiful island situated in the Indian Ocean well known for its sandy beaches and turquoise lagoons.

Mauritius Weather

Mauritius has a tropical climate and the weather is very pleasant all the year round. You can come to Mauritius at any period of the year and you will enjoy a comfortable weather during your stay. We have incredible sunny days practically year round which makes it perfect for various activities.

In the idyllic island of Mauritius, the seasons are simple. We have two seasons only which are summer and winter as we are not far from the Tropic of Capricorn and that the sun is at its highest point longer than in other countries around the world.

Summer in Mauritius runs from November to April and the average temperature is 27 ºC. For this period of the year, visitors can expect warm and humid weather. You can expect cyclonic weather during summer but fortunately, most of the cyclones only bring rain and do not hit land frequently. For the past five years, cyclones came for only a few days and did not disrupt the activities on the island.


Winter months are from May to October with temperatures averaging 21ºC on the coast. During the winter months, weather is cooler and there is not much rainfall on the coast.

VISA information

Mauritius welcomes many tourists and citizens of most countries do not need a VISA or may obtain a VISA on arrival to Mauritius for tourism purpose. You can consult the VISA section of the Mauritius Prime Minister Office for additional information.

Travel Insurance

We recommend booking travel insurance for your trip to Mauritius.


The official language in Mauritius is English but the population is fluent in many language. Most of the inhabitants talk fluently French, English and some of them have a third language such as Italian, Spanish or Russian.

Many guides and translators are available to help for translation.

During your visit, you will discover the Kreol which is a natural language which has been developed from the simplifying and mixing of different spoken languages on the island.

Time zone

Mauritius is GMT/UTC + 4h Standard Time


The currency used on the island is the Mauritian Rupee.

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