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Medical Cost Containment

Wide Range of Travel and Cost Containment Services

Medical Cost Containment

Medic Assistance International offers a wide range of travel and cost containment services in Mauritius. Our network of healthcare providers in Mauritius are on constant standby for tourists, expatriates and business travelers in Mauritius.

We assist various overseas  travel insurance companies and assistance groups operating in Mauritius with cost containment cases. Effective cost containment can have a massive impact on corporate expenditure or the profitability of an underwriter. We achieve significant cost and time savings for our international client.

The key features of our service include:

  • Exclusively negotiated fixed rates for specific medical procedures
  • Direct billing arrangements with payments made in local currency
  • Priority Access to our network of doctors, top specialists and clinics
  • Guaranteed discounts and offers for medical services
  • Close monitoring on quality of medical services offered.
  • Fraudulent practice investigation
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